Mexican market Dodge Attitude ditches Hyundai for Mitsubishi

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in Mexico or the southern United States along the Mexican border, you may have seen a couple of oddball cars with badging that doesn’t fit the body work.

One of those cars, the Dodge Attitude, was a rebadged Hyundai Accent. Everything about the car was the same as an Accent thanks to a distribution agreement between the two companies that saw Hyundai vehicles sold through Chrysler retail channels. The last generation of the Attitude was such a bad rebadge that Dodge didn’t even bother taking off the Hyundai logos.

In 2013, that agreement ceased, as Hyundai looked to build their own retail network in Mexico, and along with it the Accent-based Attitude deal was dead. But, that doesn’t mean the Attitude nameplate itself was dead.

Dodge has tapped the help of Mitsubishi to provide the new Attitude and — you guessed it — it’ll be a rebadged Attrage, better known here as a sedan version of the Mirage.

Instead of a simple rebadge, the Attitude receives a full Dodge signature crosshair grille, which looks incredibly silly on the little Mitsubishi. A 1.2L three-cylinder engine with 79 hp and 78 lb-ft of torque provides motivation. And, to keep prices in check on the base SE model, the Attitude gets a two-speaker (yes, two) stereo system.

For a photo of the new car, head over to the Allpar site using the link below.

[Source: Allpar]

Dodge Attitude (Hyundai Accent)

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