Leaks happen very often in the auto industry. For instance, just before the Canadian International Auto Show, the new Ram 1500 diesel was found out, causing PR flacks to stay up all night pounding out press releases to set the record straight.

So, when our Gawker friends to the south outted the new Jeep Cherokee, once again Chrysler’s PR team was put into overdrive. The result: official pictures of what may be the wildest looking Cherokee we will ever see.

Taking a page out of the Nissan playbook, the new Jeep Cherokee is carved with the same philosophy as the Juke – weird is good, and it sells.

While there was no press release accompanying the images, details should be released soon at the New York Auto Show. And when they are, we’ll have them.

In the meantime, is this a face only a mother could love? Or is Jeep dropping its conservative design and going in the right direction? Let us know in the comments.

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