TORONTO, – JAMA Canada applauds the continuing collaboration in auto-related research and development between the Federal Government, the auto industry in Canada and Canadian universities for projects supported by Automotive Partnership Canada.

“This announcement today in support of six new projects focused on developing new technologies in light materials and enhancing battery efficiency in motor vehicles is an encouraging sign that collaborative R&D initiatives continue to be an important part of maintaining competitiveness in an increasingly global industry”, said David Worts, Executive Director of JAMA Canada.

“Quite simply, a growing number of countries are actively developing advanced technologies for motor vehicles. Collaborative research can play a critical role to help maintain an economically vibrant, environmentally friendly and globally competitive auto industry in Canada”, added Mr. Worts.

JAMA Canada is a non-profit trade association representing subsidiaries of Japanese automakers in Canada, and was established in 1984 to promote greater understanding in trade and economic matters between Canada and Japan.



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