What was once old is new again

For the discerning collector with infinitely deep pockets and a penchant for cars featuring the face of a large cat, Jaguar has revealed photos and more information about their ‘new’ E-type Lightweight prototype.

Those without a soul can stop right here.

Announced back in May, Jaguar will built six new E-type Lightweights based off the specification of the original 12 manufactured in 1963. The one seen in these photos, built by Jaguar Heritage as part of the new Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division, is a prototype and will not be sold to a customer.

The prototype, along with the ensuing customer-bound units, will all be constructed with aluminum bodyshells and powered by six-cylinder XK engines with aluminum blocks. Customer vehicles will also be eligible for period competition as all will be “suitable for FIA homologation for historic motorsport purposes,” states Jaguar in a release.

Jaguar will reveal this prototype – dubbed ‘Car Zero’ – at Pebble Beach in two days.

Ugh, I want this so bad.

Jaguar_LWE_Build01 Jaguar_LWE_Build02 Jaguar_LWE_Build03 Jaguar_LWE_Build04 Jaguar_LWE_Build05 Jaguar_LWE_Build06 Jaguar_LWE_Build08 Jaguar_LWE_Build09 Jaguar_LWE_Build10 Jaguar_LWE_Build11 Jaguar_LWE_Build12 Jaguar_LWE_Build13 Jaguar_LWE_Build14 Jaguar_LWE_Build15 Jaguar_LWE_Build16 Jaguar_LWE_Build17 Jaguar_LWE_Build18 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_01 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_02 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_03 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_04 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_05 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_06 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_07 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_08 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_09 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_10 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_11 Jaguar_LWE_Hero_12 Jaguar_LWE_Intrigue_01 Jaguar_LWE_Intrigue_02 Jaguar_LWE_Intrigue_03 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_01 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_02 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_03 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_04 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_05 Jaguar_LWE_Tracking_06

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