Korean automaker ditching its blue dress for a brown suit

Hyundai Canada has released an image showing what their future dealerships will look like as they roll out a new global dealership image program.

The new design, ditching blue for brown, is “to match the refined, sophisticated new vehicles the company will be introducing in the near future,” states a release from Hyundai Canada.

“Rather than abandon our history with the blue colour to pursue a new direction, that colour will be found throughout the new dealership design in strategic, highly visible customer centric areas,” explained Don Romano, president and CEO for Hyundai Canada.

“Instead, our goal for [Global Dealership Space Identity] is to introduce a more modern, premium look to our dealerships that will elevate the perception Canadians have of our brand in the same way our Fluidic Sculpture vehicle design elevated their perception of our products.”

Inside, some blue accenting will remain, while customers will be welcomed with modern furniture and new digital kiosks to aid them in their vehicle purchases.

When asked about the costs of the new initiative, Chad Heard, manager of public relations for Hyundai Canada, stated, “We are still in the preliminary stages of planning the new GDSI project and how it would roll-out in Canada. Weather patterns are very different from Canada’s east coast to the west coast and the rendering is just a concept at the moment, so the final appearance and approach may change to handle the our diverse climate. Because of that, we’re still too early to estimate costs.”

However, Heard did mention something regarding the new plan.

“It’s important to remember that Hyundai is a car company, not a colour company.”

Hear, hear!



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