Trademark application may mean a resurrection of the nameplate. We get the skinny from a lawyer to make sure.

GM Authority is reporting a trademark application has been filed by GM in December of last year, with a nod to its probable use on a new vehicle. But, is that what it really means?

I am no expert in trademark law. But, I do have the ability to pick up the phone, ask questions, and listen. So, I called Mike Raggio of Raggio & Dinnin in Auburn Hills, MI to get his take on the filing.

He explained why Chevrolet might do this, one of them being a plan to bring back the fabled name. Or it could be for building parts for older Chevelles. They also have three years to use it after their application of intent.


The latter scenario (parts), to me, makes the most sense. Why? Unless they are planning to use the Chevelle name as a replacement for the SS nameplate, there is no room in the Chevrolet portfolio for a new sports car. The Camaro takes in a very wide range of buyers, even encroaching on Corvette territory toward the top, and a Chevelle wouldn’t make sense below the pony car.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments. Let the speculation commence!

[Source: GM Authority]

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