Silverado and Sierra light-duty pickups see adjustments across the board

When all the major manufacturers of light-duty pickups decided to use the SAE J2807 standard for the 2013 model year, Ford pulled the plug at the last minute. The Blue Oval stated they would only use the standard once their new F-150 had been released for 2015. Every other manufacturer, except Toyota, also followed suit, fearing they would lose towing capability to Ford.

Now, as the new Ford F-150 is primed to hit dealer lots later this year, GM has released their revised towing numbers using the SAE J2807 standard. While certain configurations of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra see their ratings unchanged, most combinations have been revised downward, sometimes as much as 400 lbs.

To illustrate the changes, General Motors provided the following table for comparison between MY2014 and MY2015.

Configuration 2014 (Pre SAE J2807) 2015 (SAE J2807)
Regular cab 2WD 4.3L V-6 6.5’ box 3.43 axle 6,400 lbs. 6,100 lbs.
Double cab 2WD 5.3L V-8 6.5’ box 3.08 axle 6,900 lbs. 6,500 lbs.
Crew cab 2WD 5.3L V-8 5.7’ box 3.42 axle 9,800 lbs. 9,400 lbs.
Regular cab 4×4 4.3L V-6 6.5’ box 3.42 axle 7,600 lbs. 7,600 lbs.
Double cab 4×4 5.3L V-8 6.5’ box 3.42 axle 9,600 lbs. 9,200 lbs.
Crew cab 4×4 5.3L V-8 5.7’ box 3.73 axle 11,200 lbs. 10,800 lbs.

With Toyota already using the SAE standard, RAM and Nissan will soon likely release updated numbers of their own.

For full trailering tables, you can check out the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 releases on General Motors’ website.

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