The new thinner grille isn’t just for looks, as the new Camaro gets more air to breathe elsewhere.

While we aren’t massive fans of corporate, OEM videos here at Autos, this one gives us a decent glimpse at how the new Camaro got its shape for the 2014 refresh.

The new grille, with a shorter height, was a by-product of trying to increase airflow into the engine. Chevrolet Camaro’s Program Engineering Manager, Mark Dickens, explains when engineers looked at the old Camaro, they found most of the air making its way into the engine was coming in through the lower air inlet of the front fascia. So, they made it bigger. That allowed designers to thin out the upper grille and give the muscle car a more angry face. Argh!

Also, a new, fully-functional air inlet in the hood is making its way to the SS. Sorry, V6 buyers, this isn’t for you.


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