Vans being cut due to CAFE and midsize pickup production

The venerable Chevrolet Express 1500 and GMC Savana 1500 will cease production for the 2015 model year due to CAFE and the need for production capacity of GM’s forthcoming midsize pickups.

According to, the vans are factored into GM’s overall CAFE calculations due to weighing under 8,500 lbs. Heavy duty versions of the van, which do not count toward CAFE ratings, will continue to be produced at Wentzville facility.

Also lined up for Wentzville are the new midsize pickups. With demand for light duty vans slowing (only 23 percent of Express and 7 percent of Savana sales were of the 1500 variety) and a need for production capacity at the plant, the decision was made to give the new midsize trucks priority.

GM isn’t worried about the shift, however, as they have another option in the Chevrolet City Express for those looking for a light duty workhorse.

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