Guten tag, Autofahrer! That’ll be 10 euros, please.

If you plan on visiting Germany using a car without a German-issued licence plate, prepare to spend at least 10 euros at the border when a new levy for Autobahn use goes into effect in 2016.

The road use fee will cost approximately 10 euros for a 10 day pass, 20 euros for a sticker valid for two months, or 100 euros for the year, but final prices are based on a vehicles age, engine capacity, and emissions rating.

While owners of all vehicles, even those plated in Germany, will be required to pay the fee, Germans will be refunded when they pay their annual vehicle tax. This is in response to European Union members complaining about the new levy. By charging all residents and non-residents who use the German roadways, the country will “conform with EU law,” explained German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt.

Austria is planning to fight the new change using “all legal means”.

[Source: CarAdvice, Image: Vladislav Bezrukov]

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