Fisker had ‘major disagreements’ with Fisker, Fisker states in email to Automotive News.

No, Fisker does not have multiple personalities.

Fisker (Henrik, the man who put pen to paper and created gorgeous Aston Martins and BMWs) and Fisker (Automotive, the company Henrik founded to build sexy electric cars for those with more money than us) have parted ways, stated Henrik Fisker in an email to Automotive News.

Citing ‘major disagreements’ between himself and the company’s management on business strategy, the announcement is a bit out of the blue, even considering the issues with fires and production the Karma has been experiencing in recent months.

Fisker Automotive is currently courting new investment, or possibly a new owner, to continue its operations. The Karma, Fisker Automotive’s first model, hasn’t seen production since July of last year.

[Source: Automotive News via Twitter]

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