As complaints of fuel economy disparity mount, the EPA may actually put their foot down

After numerous fuel economy restatements by Ford, Hyundai, and Kia, the Environmental Protection Agency, responsible for fuel economy window stickers, may require automakers to prove their numbers in real world tests.

According to Automotive News, “the proposal also would make it difficult for automakers to manipulate lab results to deliver higher mileage claims.”

This could be welcomed news to customers who have increasingly complained about the disparity between real-world fuel economy and the ratings on new car window stickers.

When Ford restated fuel economy on the C-MAX hybrid and plug-in hybrid, it was because no real testing was done for the model. Instead, the manufacturer used the “white label” rule to derive a fuel economy rating for the C-MAX from the Fusion hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

A real-world road test would reflect air resistance and rolling friction more accurately than a test lab.

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