Mini E
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Los Angeles, California – The BMW Group will celebrate the world premiere of the Mini E, its all-electric version of the Mini, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The company said it will be the world’s first manufacturer of premium automobiles to deploy a fleet of some 500 all-electric vehicles for private use in daily traffic.

The Mini E will be powered by a 150 kW (204 horsepower) electric motor, fed by a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that transfers power to the front wheels via a single-stage helical gearbox. Specifically engineered for automobile use, the battery technology will have a range of more than 250 km. The Mini E will initially be made available to select private and corporate customers as part of a pilot project in California, New York and New Jersey, and the company said it is looking to expand the Mini E pilot to include Europe.

The Mini E has an acceleration of zero to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, with top speed electronically limited to 152 km/h. The suspension system is tuned to match the car’s weight distribution, providing the brand’s trademark agility and handling.

The BMW Group said it aims to start series production of all-electric vehicles over the medium term as part of its “Number ONE” strategy, and will gain widely applicable hands-on experience by evaluating the 500 cars under real daily traffic conditions.

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