Split in half, the tailgate can be opened multiple ways

According to Allpar, Chrysler has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office outlining what could become a significant change in how it builds tailgates.

Filed on February 20, 2013, patent 8,740,279 outlines a “Multi-functional tailgate for a vehicle” with two frames, doors, and touchpads. This would allow the tailgate to be opened down the traditional way or to both sides. It would also mean half the tailgate could be swung down as well, while leaving the other half up to hold in cargo.

The new tailgate design could appear on Ram pickups as early as 2015, when the 1500 model is due for a mid-cycle refresh, or later in 2017 when a more comprehensive rework is planned for the light-duty truck.

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