Toronto, Ontario – “Green” energy provider Bullfrog Power has partnered with General Motors to launch the Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power Edition. For each vehicle sold, Bullfrog Power will add an amount of clean, renewable electricity from EcoLogo-certified sources to the electricity grid equivalent to what the vehicle is estimated to use over two years.

“Chevrolet has secured their position in the EV market by offering the first and only extended-range vehicle, and we’re proud to help them further ‘green’ the vehicle through this unique partnership,” said Tom Heintzman, president of Bullfrog Power. “The world needs ‘green’ trailblazers, and we applaud Chevrolet Canada for giving drivers a new transportation solution that is safe, reliable and now even more environmental.”

Bullfrog’s electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada, instead of from coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear.

The Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power Edition is now available at an extra cost of $198.00 plus tax, which pays for the additional cost of ‘greening’ the electricity that an average Volt is estimated to use over two years. The vehicle comes with a special-edition badge and does not require special wiring or equipment.

Chevrolet Canada is also using Bullfrog power at the three charging stations at its headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario and at its upcoming display at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

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