If the Cadillac boss has his way, the crested brand could sell an up-market Trax, Encore

The Buick Encore has been a phenomenal success within General Motors. So much so that other brands would like to get a piece of the action and also cash in on the ever-developing small crossover market.

Cadillac boss, Robert E. Ferguson, spilled the beans to Edmunds he’d welcome an Encore-like small utility in the Cadillac range with open arms.

“If you look at any growth forecast, or even look at present-day growth, I would say every luxury provider is looking hard at that set,” he said. “We would be silly not to. I think the Encore is a terrific vehicle and the perfect size. I would love to have a really luxurious competitive vehicle with that stance.”

An up-market, Cadillac crested Encore could do better battle with the Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, and BMW Active Tourer. And while no timeframe was given, a late 2015 or early 2016 release is speculated.

In addition to a smaller crossover, Ferguson would like to see more oil burners in the Cadillac range, as the Germans have been able to corner the diesel-luxury market on their own.

“[I] would love to have a diesel engine for all of our Cadillacs this decade. I think that would speed our growth in Europe, and it would help us with environmental issues here and in Asia,” he said.

If every Caddy were to receive some sort of diesel motivation, at least two different engines would be required – one for all the cars and CUVs, and another, larger engine for Escalade, which could also be used in Chevrolet and GMC pickups.

Our Take

Opinions are split at Autos.ca about a possible small Cadillac based on the Encore and Trax. It could make for very healthy short-term gain at the price of long-term pain.

Jonathan Yarkony, Senior Editor: “The Trax at least is a better starting point than the Equinox, which lets down the SRX. The Trax and Encore are a good platform to build on, and Cadillac’s edgy styling should work well on those proportions, but the interior will need a lot of love…”

Mark Stevenson, News Editor: “I think if General Motors does this, it once again sets a precedent of “every brand can have everything” again. They had this issue when Buick dealers would want a version of a Pontiac and Cadillac dealers wanted a version of a Chevrolet. While the divisional concept at GM is long dead, they really are pushing the envelope if Cadillac gets a up-luxo Chevrolet Trax.”

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