With the next-generation car expected to achieve 286 mph, a Super Sport model could break the 300 mph barrier

It seems we are deep in the midst of another top speed war, with Bugatti saying the next Veyron will be capable of bending the speedo to 286 mph and Hennessey Performance in Texas looking to one-up – or, more specifically, four-up – Bugatti with their planned Venom F5 at 290 mph.

However, it may not stop there, as Autocar UK sees a future where the next generation Veyron gets a Super Sport version climbing past the 300 mph mark. For those of you born after September 1977, that’s 482.8 km/h.

From Lewis Kingston at Autocar UK:

Obviously we’re deep into the realm of diminishing returns here, but the numbers bear some consideration. The original Veyron produced 987bhp and hit 253.81mph; the Supersport improved on that with 1184bhp and 267.86mph.

So, an extra 197bhp added 13.87mph on to the top end of the original Veyron. Repeating a similar 14mph-odd gain with a new Super Sport would require even more power, due to the higher speeds involved, but even so – after a quick bit of bistromathematics – I reckon another 250bhp would do it.

The next-generation is expected to have 1,500 hp (by the way, I love when I need to use a comma when writing a horsepower figure) so a Super Sport model would have to be in the neighbourhood of 1,750 hp.

With the creative engineering minds at Bugatti and the rest of the Volkswagen Group, this doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]


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