1500 hp ‘Super Veyron’ also cut from future product plan

The Bugatti Galibier will not come to fruition as the French automaker focuses its efforts on the second generation Veyron, Autocar confirmed.

“The Galibier is officially dead,” Martin Winterkorn explained to Autocar. “We won’t do it. In its place will be a second-generation Veyron with more power.”

The four-door Bugatti was expected to be powered by an 8-litre W16 engine and permanent all-wheel drive system. The car would have cost over $1 million.

That next generation Veyron also pushes out a rumoured 1500 hp ‘Super Veyron’ model. The ultra-performance version of the current generation Veyron was expected to be the last model produced before switching to the second generation car.

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