Roundabout + BMW + Drifting = Your Wednesday Matinee

BMW will call the video above a ‘Driftmob’, an obvious nod to flash mobs that went out of style about five years ago. After all, BMW is made up of German engineers listening to Wang Chung and still sending fan mail to David Hasselhoff. They’re allowed to be slightly behind the times.

However, they do know how to make a modern hoonmobile, complete with rear-wheel drive and all the goodness the Roundel is (historically) known for.

Thanks to five stunt drivers, five BMW M235is, a closed off roundabout in South Africa, and a significant tire budget, BMW produced this smokey drift dance so we can take a 90 second breather from whatever spreadsheet is killing our mood.

Also, if 90 seconds isn’t enough of a break, here’s some behind the scenes footage.

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