The Weekly Digest is back this week! (There were some sushi-related digestion problems last week.) So, in case you’re chilling indoors with your shoulders covered in post-sunburn aloe, we’ve got a double-wide trailer of the best stuff from the last two weeks.

Automotive News
Deadmau5 is auctioning his Internet-meme-cat–wrapped Ferrari (warning: salty language) – the aptly named Purrari – for charity. Some drama ensued after the listing was taken off craigslist, but it soon found a new home on

Spy shots show a redesigned Honda CR-V out for a test run in the Rockies. Word is, the update to the perennial favourite may launch as soon as 2015 for the 2016 model year.

The sporty Subaru BRZ sees a limited edition trim for 2015 – Aozora, which is Japanese for “blue sky”. Available in two colours – Blue Pearl and Crystal White Pearl – Subaru is predicting blue skies, with a production run of only 100 in each colour. If you prefer vehicles of a more European persuasion, Alfa Romeo has announced the first four locations for its Canadian dealership network.

Mazda revealed plans to “go upmarket”, but not with a new product line. Rather, it’s re-evaluating its current sales structure to generate more profit from its existing offerings. Gird your loins for a flurry of advertisements based around “increased value to customers”. Speaking of not getting more for your money: previous rumours suggesting that the new Nissan Frontier and Ford Mustang would come to reflect the North American waistline have been disproven by official figures.

Comparison Tests

Big story this week was our luxury flagship comparo. Top-of-the-line offerings from Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche were subject to the criticism of the toughest judges: pampered automotive journalists.

If you’d rather get down and dirty, we held a cage match between the Cherokee and the Forester.

Sanity check thislast week came in the form of a head vs heart comparison: Mazda3 vs Mini Cooper. Yes, they are completely different cars targeting completely different needs, that’s the point. And if you disagree, feel free to join the discussion on the forums and tell us just how bonkers we are.

Test Drives

Hatchbacks: Mercedes-Benz B 250 – so good, Tom Sedens took one home. Chevrolet Volt – Jonathan Yarkony achieved a 0 L/km week. BMW 335i Gran Turismo – Brendan McAleer took issue with the name (who doesn’t?) but found a remarkably well-rounded vehicle, so long as you don’t worry about how to classify it. (Hatchback? Fastback? Wagon? Crossover?)

Crossover/SUV: Ford Escape – Justin Pritchard found out why it’s the best-selling compact SUV in Canada. Audi Q5 – Justin also got one of the best-selling luxury compact SUVS… and didn’t have anything bad to say about it. (Honest, we checked.) BMW 335i Gran Turismo – Brendan McAleer took issue with the name (who doesn’t?) but found a remarkably well-rounded vehicle, so long as you don’t worry about how to classify it. (Hatchback? Fastback? Wagon? Crossover?)

SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel – James Bergeron took on a proper SUV and the results will surprise you came away impressed – very impressed.

Coupe: Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Lesley Wimbush discovered not the coupe you want, but the coupe you deserve. BMW M235i – James’ Day-by-Day wraps up on Monday, but the story so far? Vroom-vroom.

Sedan: Kia Optima – surprisingly luxurious in its SX Turbo trim, it ticked all the boxes for Simon Hill. Mercedes-Benz S 550 – lucky Peter Bleakney got to spend some one-on-one time with the Mercedes-Benz flagship before it was tossed into the comparo, and promptly took it to McDonald’s.

Convertible: Ferrari California T – Michael Bettencourt… it’s a Ferrari, just read the article already.

Feature Articles
Justin Pritchard was also busy this week checking out Emzone Cleaning Products, useful for when you want your car to look and smell like a million bucks. Lesley Wimbush took part in a low-rolling resistance tire test, useful for when you want your car to drive like a million bucks. (Yes, we’re aware an actual pallet of a million Canadian dollars doesn’t output much torque of any kind.)

Jonathan Yarkony took on the Tail of the Dragon as part of the Mazda Adventure Rally. When he wasn’t driving, he was pretending to be a National Geographic photographer.

Back at the office, Jacob Black channeled all of his hate into a searing rant about interior lights that don’t turn off by themselves.

Take the time this weekend to read the story of Brian Donato, competing in the Targa Newfoundland Rally in September without the use of his legs. We’re not Upworthy, we’re not trying to make you rethink your life. But it’s a story that offers a glimpse into what is usually a very private struggle.


That’s it for the digest this week. If there are any articles you think we missed from the past week(s), or if you have any suggestions for future articles, let us know on the forum.

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