Toronto, ON – Did you know that there’s a form of cancer that will affect more than 900 Canadian men, age 15-29, this year? That’s why one man has taken on an unusual challenge: spend 21 straight days hitch hiking across Canada in nothing by his Stanfield skivvies. And if he can make it from Vancouver B.C. to Truro Nova Scotia in 21 days Stanfield’s, Canada’s Underwear Company, will donate $20,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society for below the waist cancers.

Starting on Nov. 14, Mark, aka. The Gitchhiker  who is a testicular cancer survivor himself, will spend three weeks making his way across Canada and taking part in activities such a rock climbing,  polar bear dipping,  dog sledding and performing weekly dares voted on by the public, just to name a few. Have we mentioned he’s doing all this in his underwear?

It’s not the first time Mark stripped down for a cause. You may remember him from “the guy at home in his underwear” where Mark spent 25 straight days in nothing by his Stanfield’s as a means of raising funds and awareness for Testicular Cancer. After successfully achieving his goal, he decided there was more work to be done!

“As a testicular cancer survivor, it’s important to me that young men are aware of the risks – especially because it can affect guys as young as 15,” says Mark. “Travelling across Canada sounds great, but doing it in my Stanfield skivvies, in frigid November is going to be a challenge. I’m hoping my efforts can bring further awareness to a worthy cause that affects men of all ages in this country.”

In order to achieve his goal, Mark needs the help of Canadians who are invited to visit to be a part of the action. Those willing to do their part can connect with Mark on the site and offer him a ride along the way.

Canadians can also get involved by offering Mark a daily “likeline” towards a Gift (i.e. hand warmers in Winnipeg and steak dinner in Calgary), a weekly Dare (i.e. polar bear swim in Regina) or to donate a 1KM ride in the Mitsubishi RVR (aka the Gitchmobile) that is following him on his journey.

Stanfield’s recognizes the need to generate awareness in support of this important cause. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, many young men may not realize that testicular cancer is the number one form of cancer they face.

“Stanfield’s is proud to support Canadian men in every way we can – especially a cause that’s so close to us and the people who wear our products,” says Jon Stanfield, President, Stanfield’s Canada.

To stay connected with the Gitchhiker on Twitter:
· Twitter: @Gitchhiker
· Hashtag: #gitch


Source: Mitsubishi Canada

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