In order for the Wrangler to survive CAFE, it must improve fuel economy and shed some weight

The folks at Edmunds were lucky enough to corner Mike Manley, president and CEO of the Jeep brand, at last week’s Chrysler product event held at Chelsea Proving Grounds, to get some facts on the next Wrangler.

“We have to make sure that vehicle survives,” Manley told Edmunds, and Jeep has a few tricks up their sleeve in order to make that happen without sacrificing Wrangler’s capability.

First up, the Wrangler will see “continued improvements in powertrains,” said Manley, as Jeep needs to improve their fuel economy numbers annually through 2025. Also, Wrangler will be redesigned on its own platform, unshared with any other product, with Manley stating Wrangler is the “benchmark” in its class and that must be pushed further.

However, a significant focus on weight loss could see Wrangler going the same way as F-150 by using an all-aluminum body. This will undoubtedly add cost to the offroad model but it would make the SUV much lighter and possibly more capable.

While 2018 is a long way off, expect more information to come out about the next Wrangler sooner rather than later.

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