Rear-drive sports car gets painted Yuzu yellow for 2015

As is typical with all Scion models, the FR-S receives its first “Release” version this year along with a very unique shade of yellow paint.

For 2015, the Scion FR-S Release 1.0 also gets a full aerodynamics kit, GT86 black seats with FR-S signature T-pattern inserts, HID headlamps, daytime running lights, and a TRD quad-tip exhaust, along with other interior enhancements.

The Yuzu yellow paint sets the Release 1.0 version of the FR-S apart from other trims and is only offered in limited availability. It’s on sale in Canada now starting at $32,565.

Scion_FR_S_RS1_001 Scion_FR_S_RS1_002 Scion_FR_S_RS1_004 Scion_FR_S_RS1_005

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