With independent rear suspension and a stiffer roof structure, Ford’s pony car will be a little heavier

When the next iteration of Ford’s pony car finally hits dealer lots, it will be putting a little more force on the sun drenched asphalt.

According to multiple outlets, the 2015 Ford Mustang could gain as much as 300 lbs over the current car, though other writers have stated those numbers are a bit exaggerated.

Road&Track, citing an inside source familiar with the new Mustang, says the weight gain will top out at about 250 lbs for the heaviest trim, the Mustang GT Premium. V6 and EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder models will see around 50-70 lbs of gain, while V8-equipped entry-level GT models could see an extra 170 lbs.

The weight gain seems to be down to two main changes: a new, and more complex, independent rear suspension and a stronger roof structure.

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