Updated Corvette Stingray will also be available with instant replay feature

The fine folks over at Jalopnik are reporting leaked power numbers for the soon to be revealed Corvette Z06 due to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

Thanks to Google search and reveal website metadata, output figures of 620 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque were leaked for the sportier Corvette. This power will probably come from General Motors’ LT4 V8.

UPDATE: CarScoops is reporting the new Z06 will be a supercharged affair. Lingenfelter Performance leaked the following image of the upper portion of the Z06′s fender vent, cropped out of the original press teaser.

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Also for 2015, the Corvette Stingray will be available with what it calls a “Performance Data Recorder.” The feature will record 720p video with overlays including a track map, engine revs, steering angle, G meter, and other info. The camera is hidden behind the rearview mirror and video can be replayed in-car while stopped or downloaded to your computer.

While this is a great toy for the track-day enthusiast, it would be great if it recorded 1080p video instead of 720p. Those looking for higher resolution replays (sans overlays) will have to rely on GoPros (or other devices) for the time being.

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