While Americans will only get two engine options, Canadians will still be able to opt for the hybrid model

When Acura replaced their CSX model with the new, larger ILX, the Japanese manufacturer also decided to add a hybrid option to the mix.

In the lower 48, the electrified option hasn’t been doing well (not that the ILX is a stellar sales performer in general) and Acura has decided to cancel the hybrid offering.

In Canada, the 2015 Acura ILX seems to still have a future.

When asked by email about Acura possibly cancelling the model here as well, Maki Inoue, head of public relations for Honda Canada, stated plainly, “We will sell the 2015 ILX Hybrid in Canada.”

This continues a tradition of Canada-only models from Honda’s luxury brand.

When Acura sold the EL and CSX models in Canada, which were redesigned Honda Civics for the most part, the compact models were not sold in the United States.

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