While it may all be the same on the outside, underneath it will still be the same ol’ Corolla.

See the picture above? That’s the new Corolla. Does this image tell us anything? Nothing we don’t already know. So, thanks Toyota. Nice ‘S’ badge.

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Regardless, the new Corolla is coming out on June 6th and Toyota is trying to drum up something – let’s call it “excitement” – before the big reveal. *sigh*

The new compact will still feature the 1.8L four-cylinder engine and four-speed automatic from the current car. However, on higher trims, you will be delighted with the aural attack of that four-pot on high rev 90% of the time thanks to a CVT transmission. A six-speed manual will also be offered, though I assume the take rate on this transmission will be like that of someone buying ebola samples from the germ lab.

More to come as we get it.

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