Ottawa, ON. – Transport Canada has released its latest recalls, which may affect some Nissan and Volvo models.


Units Affected 13

Frontier – 2012

On certain 2wd vehicles, the front hubs may have been manufactured incorrectly and could crack. This could allow the wheel to wobble, causing a noticeable vibration and, as a result, the driver may experience difficulty controlling the direction of the vehicle. Ultimately, the hub may break, allowing the wheel to separate from the vehicle. The errant wheel assembly could strike a vehicle, a stationary object, or a bystander. These issues could result in property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace both front wheel hub assemblies.


Units Affected 1

XC60 – 2013

On one vehicle, a defect in the supplemental restraint system (SRS) could result in an inadvertent deployment of the seatbelt pretensioner and/or side curtain airbag. Unintended seatbelt pretensioner and/or airbag deployment, in a non-warranted (non-impact) situation, could startle the driver, which could result in a vehicle crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. In some instances, inadvertent deployment could cause injuries to vehicle occupants. Correction: The SRS control unit will be replaced on the affected vehicle.


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