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First Drive: 2013 Acura RDX

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The redesigned Acura RDX loses some of its predecessor's uniqueness, but should appeal to a broader range of buyers.


Well I'm glad they got rid of that turbo 4 cylinder but I'm a bit disappointed that they appear to have taken the sport out of this SUV.  My wife and I were close to buying the previous model but decided against it because my wife wasn't a fan of the front end.  There's so much competition in this segment now that it's really a crap shoot for buyers, they really need to test drive them all in order to make a decision.  Personally I think for this kind of money I would be considering something german (BMW X1, Audi Q5, and Merc GLK).

Comparably equipped though, those German options are likely several thousand dollars more, even if you do opt for a four cylinder model like the Q5 2.0T.

Like the car but the sea of buttons makes me dizzy and the sea of grey is very depressing

not nearly as bad as the MDX... i think it's a big improvement.


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