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Light suv for dinghy towing

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I think I see the problem here.   You are limited to 3500 lbs as an UNBRAKED trailer behind your motorhome.  I doubt there is any practical way to interface to the brakes on a SUV.  If you towed a BRAKED trailer how heavy an SUV could you load on that ?    I have seen on the 401, a big motorhome towing a trailer with a BMW X5 on it... which surely would be more that 3500 lbs... and it was a BIG motorhome maybe longer than 24ft.


--- Quote from: Fobroader on March 30, 2012, 04:08:36 pm ---A 2door wrangler is less than 3500 lbs and for sure you wont have any problems flat towing it. Plus you have a convertible 4x4 when you get to your destination, how much better than that can you get?!?!?!?!?

--- End quote ---

Maybe an old rusted out one weighs less than 3500 lbs.  :) A quick Google shows 2012 Wrangler curb weight to be around 3700 lbs.

Ford has a list that shows what vehicles can be flat towed, including MT and AT's:  Click on Section 15 for the PDF.  It was updated April 2011 so is pretty current.

It includes Flex and Edge, as well as all Escapes.  Ranger is manual only.  I have no clue about weights of these vehicles, someone else can look that up  ;)

Google brought up a whole bunch of hits about this, seems there is a lot of choice.

It's the curb vehicle weight. Sorry for any mix up.

I would like the jeep wrangler would be to heavy. What about something like a Geo Tracker , Subaru Forrester or a Suzuki? Something not to big and I also must consider the weight of a hitch, tow bar and vehicle not to exceed 3500 lbs.


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