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Light suv for dinghy towing

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Hi,  I own a 24ft motorhome and I'm looking for a light weight suv 4wd to tow behind my unit. The vehicle needs to be under 3500 lbs GVWR. And I like to tow all wheels down. Not sure if it should be automatic or standard? Could anyone give my suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

RAV4 V6?


--- Quote ---The vehicle needs to be under 3500 lbs GVWR.
--- End quote ---

Do you mean it just has to weigh under 3500 lbs? GVWR refers to the most the vehicle can weigh when it is fully loaded with people and cargo.

For example, a base 4x4 Escape has a curb weight of about 3400 lbs but has a GVWR of 4700 lbs.

Escapes can be flat towed.

IIRC, you'll need something with a transfer case (neutral setting) for flat towing.  Grand Vitara?

A Grand Viagra, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner. Anything with an actual transfer case, if you cant put the truck into neutral with the transfer case you will do severe drivetrain damage to it.


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