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In case anybody is looking for some fun cycling activities to do over the summer.

June 10, 2012
Tour de Cambridge

Fun and cheap with routes for everybody. I did this last year and recommend it.

June 17, 2012
Tour de Creemore

This ride looks like fun with two routes available (40km and 100km). Note the 100km route makes you ride up Scenic Cave Rd which is a nasty steep climb.  The reward is coming back down through Pretty River. I haven't done this one yet so I can't comment on how well it is organized.

July 21/22, 2012
Tour de Norfolk

Ride Saturday, Sunday or both! Well organized with road support and food/drink stations through all of the routes. Did both days last year (160 on Saturday then 100km on Sunday) and highly recommend this event.

Aug 11, 2012 (maybe)
Toronto - Niagara Falls, return on the train.

I did this one last year but can't find any information for a ride this year, hopefully its still in the works. Last year it was a great ride where I met a great bunch of cyclist. There is even an optional climb up the escarpment which rewards you with a fast descent back down. Break at Tim Horton's for lunch and then have supper in Niagara Falls before catching the train back.

Aug 18, 2012
3 Port Tour - Aylmer

Don't know anything about this one yet. Might give it a shot this year.

Centurion events
Lake George, New York (June 22-24, 2012)
Horseshoe Valley, Ontario (July 14-15, 2012)
New York, Ellicottville (August 17-19, 2012)
The Blue Mountains, Canada (Sept. 14-16, 2012)

Centurion events are a lot of fun and well organized. I've done Collingwood twice, highly recommend. Thinking about doing Horseshoe, Ellicottville and Collingwood this year.

For those who live in the West or would like to come here for a big ride, here are a few suggestions: - there is a choice to ride one of three distances: 55km, 92km or 160km. The event will be in Penticton, BC in July. Elevation gain over 1,000m if you ride the full course. - there is a choice to ride a 60km or a 122km course. The event will be in Kelowna, BC on July 14. Elevation gain: 1,238m if you ride the full course. - there is a choice between a 55km and a 122km course. The ride is from Vancouver to Whistler. Beware: 2,200m of elevation gain if you ride the full course - lots of sweat and lots of fun for those who get it :)

Those rides would be great to do. Maybe one year I should take some holidays and come out to one or two of them. Not that I'm a fast climber but I don't mind it if I have some nice scenery to stare at which I'm sure there would be lots of it.

BC Bike Race

Anyone here done it or planning to? I haven't, but would like to some day.

when I see bike events , it always makes me laugh

in 1981 Thunder Bay had the , summer , games
I was take the girls for a walk, a 3 year old and 1.5 year old  twins
The street was closed for the bike racers , I was just walk and noticed that had Polkaroo kid show in the park,

There was nothing happening on the street, then a car drove by, and nothing, so I  decided to cross the street

I was 1/2 way across when around the corner, probably 750 meters away ,when all of a sudden  it look like a thousand bikes turn the  coming at me :o

I could see the headlines, Stupid Father wipes out bike race  :rofl:

Then last year when I was have problems my knees, my GP , said  I should train for a 100km  bike event
Then I saw physiotherapist he said riding a bike was the worst thing for me

Have fun our your events that you do


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