Complaints? There’s a bit of a learning curve required for drivers to confidently interface with some of the tech here. A few drives are required before the camera mirror stops feeling funny, the shifter requires a strange motion (push up, hold left) to engage reverse, and the CUE system, though faster and more vivid, is still not the market’s most intuitive. Further, though comfortable and supportive once settled into, the front seats are perhaps a tad too stiff, since those of average proportions will have to drop down onto them a little.

One other gripe: XT5’s body motions are exceptionally managed thanks to its fancy shocks, though extra-rough roads can still coax noise and harshness from the suspension, thanks to the baller-status 20-inch wheels.

Ultimately, the core appeal of the XT5 all comes together beautifully on a lengthy drive. You can ask Siri to call your mom, or to remind you to pick up some milk. You can summon a real-life OnStar advisor in three seconds, and have them program navigation coordinates for you. Your phone charges away wirelessly. Lights, wipers and climate control all self-activate as required. The rear camera mirror provides an at-a-glance image of your rearward driving environment.

4 years/80,000 km; 6 years/110,000 km powertrain; 6 years/unlimited distance corrosion perforation; 6 years/110,000 km roadside assistance

Acura RDX
Audi Q5
Infiniti QX50
Lexus RX
Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class
Porsche Cayenne
Volvo XC60

And you glide along, with Continuous Damping Control keeping the XT5 flat and stable, and with the active noise cancellation keeping the XT5 quiet and relaxed. It’s more easygoing a cruiser than a BMW X5, since it rides more comfortably, and feels less heavy and dense. And the cabin, with its simple, clean approach, creates a more laid-back but even richer atmosphere that’s conducive to unwinding and relaxation.

If your priorities in a luxury utility ride include some really advanced and well-implemented high-tech doodads, a consistently comfortable and relaxing driving experience, and cabin that strikes a unique blend of simple and lavish, the XT5 should be considered a priority test drive.

Pricing: 2017 Cadillac XT5 Platinum AWD
Base price: $68,595
Options: Trailering Package ($655)
Freight: $1,950
A/C Tax: $100
Price as tested: $71,300

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