The engine feels strong, showing just a bit of turbo lag, but the CVT is tuned to keep the four in its meaty torque band, so under normal operation the drivetrain is smooth and quiet. It’s only when you really floor it does the engine drone, but at least the car is making good progress. Put the shifter in S (sport) and the engine spins about 1000 rpm higher, giving more instant acceleration at the expense of noise and fuel economy.

The steering is numb on-centre, but turn in is quick and it weights up when hitting a bend. Which this Civic seems to do quite nicely. It’s an agile thing, sporting a well-tuned front strut/rear multi-link suspension setup that has it tucking into corners with poise and vigor.

Ride quality is generally good, and the cabin quiet due to extensive measures Honda has taken with sound insulation. Getting under the sloped rear roofline might be an issue for taller passengers entering the rear quarters, but once inside there is a bit more legroom, if not generous headroom. Again, you sit low back here, adding to a sense of sportiness.

3 years/60,000 km; 5 years/100,000 km powertrain; 5 years/unlimited distance corrosion perforation; 3 years/unlimited distance roadside assistance

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So does this full-on 2016 Civic Touring with its new turbo mill hark back to the nameplate’s fun-to-drive days of yore? Kinda. It’s quick, handles well and the nose points into a bend like a Beagle on the scent, but it’s not the type of Civic that begs to be thrashed. No, this sophisticate arrives with near-Acura levels of luxury and kit, at a price that has my neighbor, for one, scratching his head.

Yes, it is a Honda Civic, okay?

Pricing: 2016 Honda Civic Touring
Base price: $26,990
Options: None
A/C Tax: $100
Destination: $1,595
Price as Tested: $28685

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