MyFord Touch, however, does not make me feel happy in my soul. Or anywhere else for that matter. It makes me a sad panda. MyFord Touch could be so good, but it isn’t. The instrument cluster section is great – as are the steering wheel mounted controls that power it. The main screen, though, is a hot mess of slow-to-react menus and miniscule touch points for your options. The large rotary that controls volume isn’t immediately apparent as a volume controller, but at least works well once your figure it out. I experienced freezing and crashing twice during our week in it. I think secretly the folks at Ford are turning cartwheels with excitement now that MyFord Touch is on its way out and Sync 3 is on its way in. Goodness knows I am!

The Flex is also not wonderful on fuel. I ended the week at 13.8 L/100 km and unlike most weeks that are 90 percent city, this week in question was 75 percent highway. The EPA rates it at 14/10.2/13.1 L/100 km city/highway/combined. Not exactly a thrifty sipper.

Those are the complaints – how about the good stuff?

2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited steering wheel2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited fuel economy2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited centre stack2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited second row media & HVAC controls
2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited steering wheel, gauges, centre stack, second row media & HVAC controls. Click image to enlarge

First, the seats are comfortable and wide, with excellent access for all three rows. Loading my daughter was a dream. The feature list is good, with XM, adaptive cruise, lane-keep assist, park assist, self parking (!), a “panoramic” sunroof and leather interior. There’s even a 115V household power outlet.

That panoramic roof is a bit of a long bow to draw; it’s not so much panoramic as just three extra little sunroof portholes cut into the top. If you’re expecting something like in a Kia Rio or a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque you’re dreaming. Still, I could see myself gazing at the stars through those portholes as I slept, warm and secure on the fully flat floor. Come to think of it, the Flex is an ideal impromptu camper van. Just add mattress. And if the Flex is a rocking… I’m probably having a seizure. I’m married after all.

Out on the road bumps are barely noticeable and wind noise is far quieter than I was expecting. You could easily do a full day of driving in the Flex without a single complaint. The roominess of the interior and the softness of the seats, coupled with that ultra-smooth ride will have your entire family arriving at their destination with sanity and pleasant demeanours intact.

2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited third-row seats folded2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited third-row seat folding2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited cargo area with rear seats stowed2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited cargo area with seats folded
2015 Ford Flex AWD Limited cargo area configurations. Click image to enlarge
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