Overhead is a tilt/slide sunroof and some vanity mirrors that are not lit. Which will obviously wreak havoc when it’s time to reapply your makeup or yank out a nose hair at the red light.

There are occasional storage cubbies throughout the cabin – the most useful is the angled drop-in bin behind the shifter, which will hold your smartphone or all the guest’s keys (if it’s that kind of party). There’s also a 12V plug there – just sayin’. There’s also the bin under the armrest, which is where you’ll find the USB and auxiliary plugs.

2014 Ford Fiesta SE2014 Ford Fiesta SE2014 Ford Fiesta SE
2014 Ford Fiesta SE. Click image to enlarge

Otherwise, you’ll need to head to the trunk for any real space. It does alright for a small car at 422 L. Fold down the rear seats (they split 60/40 and do not fold flat) and you end up with 719 whole litres. (That’s not very big.) There’s a hard tonneau cover that acts as a parcel shelf too.

The Fiesta might be an entry-level car, but it comes across as refined and quite substantial on the road. Is it quick? Heck no! The Fiestais more siesta here and will take a leisurely 10 seconds or so to reach 100 km/h but for almost all daily driving situations, it felt responsive enough. And perhaps more so than you might expect for a car that can achieve 40 mpg. It’s the times when you step on it and expect something to happen, like say passing someone – that’s when you realize the Fiesta could use a little something more.

2014 Ford Fiesta SE
2014 Ford Fiesta SE. Click image to enlarge

I was pleasantly surprised by the clutch pedal – it’s nicely progressive and well-weighted, and although the shifter isn’t the slickest, its action is positive and easy to use. Commuting into our downtown benefits greatly from hill-start assist, which I appreciated here.

The Fiesta’s ride is firm but remained compliant and mostly comfortable over Edmonton’s terrible roads, only getting out of sorts over chattery roads where the tires got a little slappy over the harsh surfaces. I really liked the handling. Though there’s some body lean, the Fiesta is nimble and quite responsive, with excellent turn-in – a great dance partner. It even gets torque vectoring, a feature that was once the exclusive domain of performance cars. The electric power steering is nicely weighted and has decent feedback – surprising for this class.

I found the Fiesta to be quiet enough. Road and wind noise were well-managed, and even at highway speeds, they remained acceptable. Of course, every party has a whiner, and the Fiesta is no exception – I’m looking at you, engine noise. You’ll certainly hear the little engine straining under load, and it comes up with a strange whining sound, especially as you make your way through first and second gears.

Visibility out of the car is good and you can even fold down the rear headrests when they’re not in use.

Fuel Economy
Exterior Styling

The Fiesta is a smart little car. It feels more upscale than some of its competition on the road and in terms of its interior. It also offers a good level of equipment and comfort for the price, and dang it, I had fun driving it!

WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) was iffy. She found the Fiesta to be small and noisy (for her), and the small trunk and tight back seat made her cringe.

In the end, a great measure of a party’s success is the fun factor and when it comes to that, I liked being at this Fiesta!

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2014 Ford Fiesta SE

Pricing: 2014 Ford Fiesta SE
Base price (SE trim level): $16,599
Options: $400 Ruby Red tinted clearcoat; $850 SE Appearance package (incl. MyFordTouch, satellite radio, 16″ wheels/tires); $1,200 Power Moonroof; $500 Comfort Package; $100 block heater; $800 Navigation; $125 keyless entry pad
Freight: $1,550
A/C tax: $100
Price as tested: $22,224

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