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Review and photos by Tom Sedens

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2013 Toyota Corolla S

The Corolla. Bring us your beige, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. During my week in the Corolla, a number of people asked if the Corolla forced me to drive slowly and not signal when I changed lanes. No, people, I’m here to tell you it did not. And it comes in colours other than beige.

Toyota’s next-to-the-bottom car offering starts at a mere $15,450 MSRP and slots in just above the Yaris.

So, let’s say you meander into the Toyota dealership, and you decide, let’s load this bad boy up and make it that super-sexy Barcelona Red Corolla S over there in the corner. Well, your salesman will be bringing you an invoice to the tune of $26,155, with a freight charge of $1,465 to ship from within Canada. The price of the S can be an $11,000 difference. Zoicks!

Exterior/Under The Hood

Although the Corolla has evolved with each generation, Toyota has certainly kept it recognizable. I was quite surprised at how large it felt when I was standing up close. Lines are smooth, and flow right from the front end, over the hood and roofline, and through the trunk lid.

2013 Toyota Corolla S2013 Toyota Corolla S2013 Toyota Corolla S
2013 Toyota Corolla S. Click image to enlarge.

The S model has some body skirting around the whole car and fog lights and a fancy-schmancy chrome exhaust tip. I found that the 16-inch rims, while handsome, looked a bit small – even on a small car.

The headlight clusters are long and swept back, giving it a hint of aggression (HEY, I said hint!), and there’s a trunk lid spoiler, which won’t do anything to make it faster.

Toyota stuck a 1.8L four-cylinder into the engine bay. There’s nothing exciting about it, nor the numbers – 132 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, and 128 lb-ft at 4,400 rpm. Now those numbers aren’t horrible either, considering the mill is only schlepping 1,274 kg (2,810 lb.) of Corolla around.

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