To handle the up to 16 psi of boost, this 2.0-litre Duratec four gets forged connecting rods, piston-cooling jets and strengthened aluminum block and crankshaft. It also features a weight-saving cylinder head that integrates the exhaust manifold.

Test Drive: 2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost car test drives reviews ford
2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost. Click image to enlarge

To help this tall boy cut through the air a bit more efficiently, the Edge EcoBoost is fitted with active grille shutters and unique rocker mouldings.

The interior, especially in this ritzy leather and wood-trimmed Limited, gives the impression of high quality. The seats are broad and comfortable and all the surfaces have a premium feel and look. The central speedo and flanking 4.2-inch displays are beautifully illuminated.

This being the Limited model, it is fitted with the all singing and dancing MyFord Touch interface, a system that has received its fare share of flak since being launched. The large central screen is touch sensitive, and the home screen with colour-coded quadrants calls up four more detailed displays for audio, HVAC, navigation and phone. The problem is many of the icons are small and require the accuracy of William Tell to hit with your digit. Gloves on? Forget it.

Test Drive: 2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost car test drives reviews ford
2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost. Click image to enlarge

I still didn’t get a handle on the radio bands and presets after a week, and to get the seat heaters going required at least three prods on the screen.

For many functions, there are redundant controls on the steering wheel whose info shows up on the screens flanking the speedo, and the voice control claims 10,000 commands. But overall, MyFord Touch is overly complicated and distracting. Granted, I’ll admit I couldn’t give a hoot about having my texts read to me, or having the ability to send pre-written generic messages like “I’m on my way”, etc. Ford recognizes these issues and a major fix is in the works.

So let’s talk about the driving. On the road the Edge’s ride is refined even with these 20-inch clod-hoppers. The cabin is quiet and the handling precise and predictable. Surprisingly, the Edge EcoBoost sticks with hydraulic steering, which is good news for steering feel but not so much if you’re trying to eke out a few more litres per 100 km. Electric racks are de rigueur these days for vehicles on a fuel diet.

Test Drive: 2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost car test drives reviews ford
2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost. Click image to enlarge

I found the back seats roomy and comfy, the panoramic sunroof a cheery respite to my advancing SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and for those times when I needed to haul some equipment, the split back seats easily folded to create a huge and flat load floor.

Tow rating is 3,500 lbs – same as the 3.5L V6 Edge.

In all, the 2012 Edge EcoBoost feels well sorted, and the 43-grand sticker of this Limited does not seem out of place for this attractive, fine driving, well-equipped and reasonably fuel-efficient crossover.

Would a person shopping Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo or even the Euro brands cross-shop the Edge EcoBoost? Probably not. But they could. Yes, the Blue Oval is not a particularly prestigious badge, but shoppers might be surprised by the ability and chi-chi feel of this Oakville, Ontario-built crossover.

Pricing: 2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost Limited
  • Base price: $36,499
  • Options: $6,650 (EcoBoost engine $1000; HID headlamps $600, red candy metallic paint $300; Equipment Group 301A (driver’s entry package, power liftgate, vision package, blind spot monitoring) $1650; Cargo Accessory Package $350; Canadian Touring Package (panoramic sunroof, voice activated navigation) $1850; rubber floor mats $100; 20-inch chrome wheels $800
  • A/C tax: $100
  • Freight: $1,500
  • Price as tested: $44,749

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