By the time we return to Paris, the 370Z’s trip odometer shows more than 3,100 km. While far too much of it was spent on freeways to cover the expanses between the places we wanted to see, the Nissan ran smoothly and happily the entire time. Rocketing away from toll booths ahead of the eco-minded wheeze-wagons around us proved to be a common pastime for us, just so we could feel the Z’s considerable thrust and hear its induction roar fill the cabin.

As much as we have grown to love the 370Z, there are certainly better choices of car for covering vast distances. The Z’s seats still cause backaches despite an adjustable driver’s lumbar support. Nissan’s excellent Zero Gravity technology found in the Rogue and Altima would do wonders here. The hindered rearward visibility grows tiresome when constantly second-guessing blind spot checks, and the navigation system frequently becomes confused, suggesting routes predicted to be hours longer than ones recommended by Google Maps.

And between the ridiculously frequent (and often pricey) highway tolls, and the 370Z’s average fuel consumption of 10.0 L/100 km, we spent over $800 in just over a week of driving, making a pretty strong case for the highly efficient public transit options in Europe.

3 years/60,000 km; 5 years/100,000 km powertrain; 5 years/unlimited distance corrosion perforation; 3 years/60,000 km roadside assistance

BMW 230i
Chevrolet Camaro
Ford Mustang
Ford Focus RS
Subaru WRX STI
Volkswagen Golf R

Of course it’s the undeniable freedom and fun given to us by “our” Z that’s in no small part why this has been such a fun adventure. Coming and going as we please, we’re on our own schedule – and only ours, making the trip feel like a greater break from the pressures of daily life. There are a lot of great ways to travel around Europe, but “our” Nissan 370Z is sure to be remembered fondly as our preferred way of seeing the countryside and getting from city to city.

Long after the return flight, when our mornings are no longer enjoyed strolling cobblestone streets amidst centuries-old buildings, and when we no longer enjoy every dinner at an outdoor bistro with a bottle of wine, we’ll miss the French lifestyle.

And we’ll miss the Z too.

Base Price: $29,998 (our European-spec car does not align with Canadian-trim cars)

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