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2013 Subaru BRZ
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Are you looking for a luxury car ride to coddle you on the way to work? Well, then, look elsewhere.

The BRZ is not harsh, by any means, but it is communicative and to some that may mean a little on the firm side. I find it is a great compromise, to be honest, but this is what you expect from a car of this intent. I was actually thinking on my travels home today that this car is very similar to a Honda S2000.

The Honda had 240 hp in a 1,270-kg (2,800-lb) car and this 200-hp 2.0L in the BRZ moves this 1,180-kg (2,600-lb) car very well, it just happens to have been released during another horsepower war when many expected much more power. The 200 horsepower coming from the BRZ performs perfectly and is plenty of power to get you into trouble on public roads. Some seem to dislike the engine sound but at full boil I think it sounds wonderful—couple that with the differential whine, the clunks when changing gears, and some road noise and your hearing senses will be tingling from every direction.

2013 Subaru BRZ

The seats in the BRZ are exceptional for a car in this price range; they hug the driver and are comfortable—I’d personally skip on the leather especially if you want to take it to the track as the fabric seats hold you firmly in place. All switchgear and controls are perfectly placed and driver oriented and the driving position is dead on.

I do have a couple of complaints about the interior, the biggest being the cheesy “aftermarket” radio with navigation—it is just a mess. The Scion upgrade is much better than the one in the Subaru. The buttons are far too small and when reaching for the volume you constantly hit the touchscreen, changing radio stations or bands. My other complaint is the silly strap on the seat that holds the seatbelt. It is secured with a snap that constantly comes off, every time you get in and out of the car—such a pain.

The fold flat rear seats look like they would be perfect for a set of tires as intended but you better have a good back to haul them out after you get them in. The rear seats themselves are completely useless for passengers. If you can squeeze back there, there simply is no leg room or foot room to speak of—first mod: remove them!

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