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2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
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So can you have a night on the town with a 911 and bring along three friends? Well yeah, you can, sort of. The two in the back can be no taller than five-foot-six and the two in the front should be under six foot to be comfortable but it is possible in a pinch. Even with a six-foot-four passenger in the passenger seat, a trip to the bar was not an issue.

And will your new Porsche impress the ladies at said bar — unfortunately most likely not. What’s with that anyways? Most of the women I know just don’t get it, I guess….

2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Seriously though, I’ve driven this vehicle around the city and gotten the thumbs up as expected, and so far it receives two thumbs up from me. On the highway it is comfortable and surprisingly quiet as it hums along in seventh gear at around 2,000 rpm at 120 km/h.

The torquey engine leaves it up to the driver if they wish to shift or not; fifth gear around town at 50 km/h is easily achieved without ever lugging the engine or feeling like one is down on power. Of course the fun really is in the shifting and accelerating in this car around town as the engine sound is intoxicating — fuel sippers need not apply.

Sport Plus mode sharpens up the steering, the throttle response and stiffens up the suspension to the equivalent of riding on cement blocks for shocks. But in standard mode this is not an issue at all, in fact, it is very comfortable. Most surprising for me is the ease of maneuverability and visibility — unlike most low and wide sports cars, the 911 is easy to see out of and interact with traffic.

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