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2013 Ford C-Max Energi
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I have to say, using only 1/4 of a tank of fuel and travelling close to 400 km is a great feeling. And surprisingly I found that the C-Max Energi is a great car to drive – the only real issue with it is the tight luggage space due to the batteries.

With approximately 30 km of electric drive everyday due to evening charging I managed the best fuel economy I’ve ever achieved in a week long test drive; an average of 3.7 L/100 km over the week. It would have been even better if I had found the charging cable the first night, perhaps down to 3.5L/100km. The interesting thing about this vehicle and all plug-in hybrids is that it really depends on your driving habits.

If you drove only 20-30 km a day you may rarely use any fuel, my commute is approximately 50 km round trip. If you do a lot of highway commuting this vehicle may not suit at all as on gasoline alone, on the highway, I noticed the average can be fairly poor (in the high 8’s or worse).

The C-Max and other plug-in hybrids certainly have merit, although the price premium is still too much to ever make up the difference with fuel savings.

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MSRP as tested (including destination): $41,564

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