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2012 Cadillac CTS-V
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It is like I’m on some kind of driver’s-car roll here — BRZ, G37S and now the CTS-V. And boy oh boy does the CTS-V ever impress. If I am perfectly honest, this car feels like a waste around town and on my commute to work and back and on the highway. The supercharger has a hint of whine and you know the car is just waiting for you to open up the throttle and shred some tires on your way to jail time.

Sure, the CTS-V is comfortable, quiet and smooth around town, and the driving dynamics are pretty much exactly what you would expect from a sports sedan — but nothing extraordinary. When you take it onto a racetrack, as I did this evening, you realize the true potential of this machine, and it is impressive.

2012 Cadillac CTS-V

Power is not a shortcoming in this car, obviously, and on the track, as others point you by and you stomp on the throttle, it is supremely evident. It didn’t really matter who had what out there on the track; this car could pretty much eat up all of them on the straights and, surprisingly, in the corners as well! Caymans, Corvette Z06s… it didn’t matter, I was reeling them in — amazing.

The onboard g-meter reported max Gs as 1.05 left and 1.09 right; braking never faded over a 20-minute session and the tires just got stickier and stickier. The CTS-V does suffer the same fate as Corvettes, though: the differential overheats and a warning to slow down appears in gauge cluster.

Body roll was well-controlled, steering responsive and the Brembo brakes do not miss a beat. This is a very heavy car and my expectations were fairly low. If Cadillac is looking for a way to sell more of these cars, I’ll gladly take potential customers for a thrill ride of their life — this car has it all!

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