By Bill Wilkinson

With Christmas right around the corner, the pressure is on for those last-minute gifts. Choosing the right gift for a car enthusiast can be difficult, but there is a simple solution says Bill Wilkinson, co-owner of Wilkinson’s Automobilia in Vancouver: books and diecast models are a surefire way to please the car nut in your family.

Here are some of the season’s best sellers:


The Official 2001 Formula 1 Annual
134891AE The Official 2001 Formula 1 Annual edited by Nigel Mansell

F1 Magazine Publishing

Hard Bound; 648 pages

Price: $69.95

The Official Formula 1 Annual contains a comprehensive news review of 2001 in the front section and a literary review of everything that happened in the 2001 season. It is followed by a detailed profile of the World Champion driver and a mini profile of the careers and achievements of all the drivers that competed in 2001. Following this are the most detailed seasonal team reviews ever published, plus a race-by-race review over a stunning 378 pages. The race reports section is complemented by a detailed, unrivalled literary and statistical review. Giorgio Piola edits a spectacular technical review of the season – complete with beautiful illustrations – detailing the technical development of 2001 over the 17 races. Finally all the statistics, including results and grids of every single race in the World Championship from 1950, when Formula One started, to 2000. In total, a complete set of statistics from every round of the Formula One World Championship from 1950 to 2001 – a definitive reference source for the world of Formula One.

Original Ducati Sport and Super Sport 1972-1986
133383AP Original Ducati Sport and Super Sport 1972-1986 by Ian Falloon

MBI Publishing

Hard Bound; 128 pages; 9.00w x 12.00h

Price: $55.95

The Ducati Sport and Super Sport are the most-prized collector motorcycles in the world. For good reason too. Built for racing performance, the cycles are relatively rare, always attract attention and command top prices. This Original-series book focuses on all the bevel-drive sport models from 1972 to 1986, including the 750 Sport, 750SS, 900SS, 900 Darmah SS, Mike Hailwood Replica and the 1000 S2. A short chapter covers the daddy to all these Ducatis, the 750 GT, a highly collectible bike.

133381AP Dodge Viper by Daniel F. Carney

MBI Publishing

Hard Bound; 168 pages; 10.00w x 10.00h

Price: $55.95

Celebrate the short but impressive 10-year anniversary of the Dodge Viper with this new, fully illustrated autobiography. Three generations of Vipers are dissected in this book: The original “rude and crude” RT/10, the gorgeous Coupe, and the 2003 VGX. The author features Viper’s rise to motorsports domination in the FIA GT2 class and at the Rolex 24 Hour of Daytona, along with a start-to-finish photo sequence of the building of a Viper at the modern Conner Avenue factory. A sneak peak at the development of the restyled 2003 Viper is showcased with complete photography and behind-the-scenes information.

131564 Mercedes-Benz: Silver Star Century by Dennis Adler

MBI Publishing

Hard Bound; 192 pages; 10w x 10h

Price: $46.95

** International Automotive Media Gold Award Winner ** The history of Mercedes-Benz, as the oldest car manufacturer still in business, mirrors that of the automobile itself. The company traces its roots back to 1886, and it has seen incredible racing successes, involvement in wartime production, and important technological breakthroughs. An expanded version of Mercedes-Benz: 110 Years of Excellence, this book takes a comprehensive look at this trendsetting company.

133362AP The American Custom Car by Pat Ganahl

MBI Publishing

Hard Bound; 168 pages; 10.00w x 10.00h

Price: $55.95

Among the hardest core of American automotive enthusiasts there has always existed a desire to press automotive styling and performance a step further than the showroom floor — a need to truly craft an automobile of one’s own. This photographic and cultural history of the American custom car examines the evolution of this phenomenon from the 1930s to present, covering touchstone trends, influential builders (Barris, Roth, Coddington, et al), significant auto shows, vital enthusiast magazines and regional variations in styling. An expansive collection of rare period photography and exclusive modern shots also helps illustrate how Detroit influenced the styling of customs (and vice versa), the explosion of the custom car scene after World War II and the factors which led to the custom’s near-death in the 1960s and its resurgence in the ’80s. But most of all, this comprehensive chronicle is a showcase of the great cars and people who influenced the movement through the years.


05OVE01DRIFT Drift Masters Video by Kyle Miller

VHS Video; 38 minutes

Price: $24.95

An excellent showcase of local and international rallying, Oversteer Productions has created a “must see” video for rally enthusiasts. Kyle Miller is a 24 year old motorsport film maker who lives in Vancouver British Columbia. Drift Masters is his first project and he is justifiably proud of it. He shot five rallies, including Targa Tasmania, Rally of Canberra, Rocky Mountain Rally, Bighorn Rally and Wild West Rally, and edited the footage to original music he and his brother Derek wrote specifically for this project. The style of video is similar to a dirt bike or snow boarding movie, only with rally cars flying down dirt roads instead of snowboarders flying through the snow.

Diecast Miniatures:

Mercedes W125 1937
01CMC031 Mercedes W125 1937 silver by CMC Models

Replica Diecast Model; 1:18 scale

Price: $259.95

A variety of setbacks with the 1936 W25 moved Daimler-Benz to make decisive changes. In order not to fall behind Auto Union it was quickly decided to begin the new season with a fully revised racing car. Ready for the beginning of the 1937, the W125 would soon prove that Daimler-Benz had achieved a masterpiece. The Mercedes racing cars were now so advanced beyond their competitors that one could really speak of a rivalry between Mercedes-Benz and the Auto Union. The W125 marked the technical zenith in the construction of pre-war racing cars. Rudolf Caracciola drove the W125 to four season victories and claimed the European Championship for 1937. All parts of the CMC W125 are hand crafted to create the ultimate collector’s item.

01KYO08541W BMW 2002tii white by Kyosho

Replica Diecast Model; 1:18 scale

Price: $86.95

Long awaited by fans of the Bavarian marque, Kyosho’s newest release is nothing short of extraordinary. Even the experts can’t find a missing detail. Full replicated suspension, undercarriage and engine so real, you can almost hear the tires squealing.

Lamborghini Murcielago 2002

01AA54511 Lamborghini Murcielago 2002 yellow by Auto Art

Replica Diecast Model; 1:43 scale

Price: $41.95

0 to 100 mph in 3.8 seconds with a howling 575 bhp V12 engine. Possibly the world’s most desirable car, Lamborghini’s hottest new supercar has a story to tell. The heritage of the name dates back to 1879. After a fierce fight in the arena of Cordoba, a bull named Murcielago had his life spared by the famous matador Raphael Molina “Lagartijo”. After this extremely rare occurrence in bullfighting, he was given to the breeder Don Antonio Miura, and went on to father a formidable line of fighting bulls that extends right down to present day. The bull has always been the symbol of the prestigious motorcar company founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini, and this spectacular replica from Auto Art reflects that tradition and prestige.

01EAG1520 Land Rover Series 3 109″ green by Eagle’s Race

Replica Diecast Model; 1:43 scale

Price: $24.95

More than just a Jeep with a stiff upper lip, Land Rover has become synonymous world-wide for quality off road vehicles. Eagle’s Race is fast becoming synonymous with affordable quality in a diecast model. Incredible levels of detail and precision manufacturing make this item a real treasure.

01BRO041A Chrysler 300E 1959 convertible by Brooklin Models

Replica Diecast Model; 1:43 scale

Price: $113.95

Brooklin Models are made in Bath England, and this Chrysler showcases everything that has made them among the most sought after collectibles for over ten years. While it’s unusual to find American car models made in Europe, it’s even more unusual to find the level of craftsmanship that goes in to each model. Completely hand-made from the casting to the packaging, each is a unique collectible that will delight the owner.

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