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2008 Calgary Auto Show

Calgary, Alberta – 2008 will likely be known as a killer sales year for both cars and trucks in the Calgary market place. Obviously this is due to Alberta’s steaming hot economy. Many people have the means to buy new and there is no better place for Calgarians to go car shopping than the yearly Calgary Auto Show.

The 28th annual auto show is perhaps the most luxurious and opulent in recent memory as virtually every major brand of auto manufacturer has something on display to showcase.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and main highlights of this year's show is Michael Schumacher's 1999 Ferrari F1 car, which is in display in the Ferrari Gallery, located near the Stampede Corral
Perhaps one of the most interesting and main highlights of this year’s show is Michael Schumacher’s 1999 Ferrari F1 car, which is in display in the Ferrari Gallery, located near the Stampede Corral. Click image to enlarge

Ferrari, for example, has its own separate display including Michael Schumacher’s 1999 F1 car. It was not that long ago you would be hard pressed to see a Ferrari at the Auto Show, let alone on Calgary streets. This display is a must see for both car aficionados and everyone else, as it is a true treat for the eyes.

Want to see some $250,000 plus Bentleys? The blue Continental GTC Convertible on display is a feast for the eyes. Lamborghini has a couple of beauties on display as well, a Gallardo and a Murcielago. Don’t forget to check out what Maserati and Lotus have on display as well, which along with the above mentioned luxury car marques, can be viewed in the old Stampede Corral.

Every year, show organizers make sure that the general layout is different than previous years, and that makes for a fresh perspective for those who regularly attend.

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman
2009 Ford Flex
2009 Ford Flex
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman, top; 2009 Ford Flex, middle; and bottom, the 2009 Nissan GT-R: this awesome sports coupe is a technological masterpiece. Click image to enlarge

Some show highlights include the new Mini Clubman, which is essentially a Mini with a longer body and bigger trunk; the new Audi A5 and the absolutely stunning Audi R8, which has to be seen in person to appreciate. It is perhaps one of the most striking designs in recent memory from any car manufacture. BMW has a new 1-Series, M3 and X6 on display, which are all new to the Canadian line-up. They also have one of their motorcycles on display as well, which is new for this year.

Ford has on display their 2009 Ford Flex, which is a unique looking wagon/van as well as their newly redesigned and popular F-150. Hyundai has on display their new Genesis, which will be available with a V8 engine with 300-plus horsepower. One of the most popular cars on display this year is the 2009 Nissan GT-R, which literally melds exotic car performance with an ‘economy’ price-tag.

For kicks, be sure to check out Volkswagen’s display as they have a fun arcade-style game showcasing their popular and fun GTI. You can also check out their new Tiguan soft roader SUV, as well as their new minivan the Routan, which is a joint venture development with Chrysler.

One of the main advantages of any auto show is that it allows buyers to literally view almost every new car and truck on sale in the market place at the same time. This allows people to do instant side-by-side comparisons, which would not otherwise be possible. It is also a stress free environment and is good for families because it allows you to shop for that next car, van or truck without the worries of sales pressure.

This year’s show runs from March 12 to the 16th and on display are approximately 380 vehicles representing 30 different marques. The good news for 2008 is that until this Friday, general admission is only $9 for adults before it goes up to $14 for Saturday and Sunday. Prices for seniors and youths aged 11 to 17 are $7 for the entire show, with a family pass going for $29. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, with Sunday’s hours going from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Calgary auto show is being held at the Roundup Centre and Corral at the Stampede Park.

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