By Laurance Yap
Running a rally like the Transsyberia would be impossible without medical backup in case of an emergency like the one Kees and I experienced. For off-road events, ORMS Medical Service, based in Germany, has been the only choice in an incredibly specialized field. With 18 full-time doctor/drivers and 15 freelance doctors on-call to see to events all around the world, ORMS runs a fleet of Nissan Patrol trucks equipped like air ambulances. They have stretchers and full medical equipment to attend to injured drivers.

Dr. Klaus Sporl, who attended to our accident scene, has been in the business for eighteen years and has seen his share of horrific crashes. Every year, he logs more than 200 days away from home, backing up rallies in his four-year-old Nissan with 230,000 km on it. He’s in the process of speccing out a Cayenne to use as a first-response vehicle to get on the scene faster to attend to serious crashes.
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