BMW Driver Training
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By Paul Williams

For many years, and in 21 countries worldwide, BMW has offered Driver Training courses. The reason is probably obvious. All BMWs are performance machines, and the company has a long history in motorsports and international competition. Buyers in the luxury sports segment like the fact that their car’s a winner.

“For BMW it really reflects our core values, that driver enjoyment is at the heart of our brand, and to fully appreciate the capabilities of your vehicle, one must be “involved” in the driving experience,” explains BMW Group Canada executive Kevin Marcotte.

But BMW is also a leader in safety. BMW cars are loaded with sophisticated technology and design features that protect their drivers.

Explains BMW Group National Marketing Manager Manfred Braunl, “The experience gained by participants about vehicle reaction in out-of-the-ordinary situations provides invaluable preparation for everyday driving. Not to mention the big smiles on the faces of participants at the end of the day.”

BMW Driver Training
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Sensing a demand in Canada for its celebrated courses, BMW Group Canada launched its first series here in 2001.

“The response has been phenomenal,” states Mr. Braunl, “and has convinced us to expand the program by adding an additional 19 days for 2003.”

The courses are delivered in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and can be taken in a progression of three levels.

Level 1 is called the Advanced Driver Training Course. It challenges your driving skills by pushing a BMW 330i beyond the normal driving experience on a closed circuit. A maximum of 20 participants are registered per course.

At the end of the session, you compete against other participants in a timed slalom that allows you to utilize the skills learned over the day.

Level 2 is called the BMW Perfection Driver Training Course. It uses 330i sedans and M3 coupes to refine the skills you learned in Level 1. At the end of the day you’re behind the wheel of an M3 on a kidney-shaped autocross at high speed.

BMW Driver Training
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Level 3 is the BMW Driver Fascination course. According to BMW, this two-day course “represents the ultimate in mastery of every aspect of your vehicle’s capabilities.”

And now for the good news!, in conjunction with BMW Group Canada is pleased to announce that the prize in this month’s sweepstakes is a seat in BMW’s Advanced Driver Training Course, Level 1.

The winner can take the course in one of the three cities in which they are scheduled. You don’t need to own a BMW to take the course, but you will need to have a full and valid driver’s licence.

Courses begin in Toronto on March 28, and a total of 136 full days of courses are currently scheduled.

Good luck, from Autos and BMW Driver Training!

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