When life hands you one of the finest driving machines ever built, you go for a drive. Last year, I had an opportunity to take Porsche’s new Cayman for a drive, and although I enjoyed it immensely throughout my week in the slinky little coupe, a rainy weekend killed the mood on a free day for an extended drive and photo shoot. I’ve regretted it ever since.

This time around, I was going no matter what, and the weather had no choice but to cooperate. And thank goodness the weather did not change mid day, because it takes at least 15 minutes to get the top up on the chariot of this year’s Muskoka day trip: the 2011 Porsche Spyder Boxster.

It’s not often we get to pick a car from a vehicle’s archives, but in the interests of highlighting their Porsche Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle program, the Canadian press fleet included this rare and delectable treat, the swan song for this first generation of Boxster, and a future collectible.

In order to fully appreciate its signature engagement and driving character, we set out from the GTA and went looking for some of Ontario’s finest roads in the Muskoka region. The bright sunshine and perfect temperatures were a perfect setting in which to test this roadster’s reputation for transcendent handling.

The day started on a quiet morning in suburbia, where I took some time to appreciate the curves of the Boxster, and the clean flowing lines of this convertible.

Those signature aero humps in the aluminum tonneau (covering the trunk and roof storage compartment) create a unique profile for the Spyder, and it draws attention as something special from bystanders and respect from those in the know.

We quickly got comfortable, in the warm inviting interior, trimmed in Special Cocoa Leather, with contrasting stitching on the leather-covered dash and seats making it feel even more special. These power adjustable seats were an option that eliminated the lightweight, but less padded and less adjustable seats that came stock with the Spyder.

More dear to enthusiasts than power seats are the measures Porsche took to reduce weight, including cloth door handles, a manual cloth soft top, lighter wheels, aluminum doors and panels and elimination of various features – many of which have been added back to this example as options. In total, a base Spyder weighed in at 1,275 kg, 80 kg lighter than the Boxster S equivalent.

We set out for the parts of our province where the roads curve and undulate and the backdrops refresh the soul. Our schedule was clear and there was nothing to do but drive. Yes, it was going to be a good day.

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