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While road salt may save countless lives from icy accidents, it does take its toll on a vehicle’s paintwork and exterior trim.

“Road salt can speed the corrosion of unprotected paintwork, as well as damage exposed plastic and rubber surfaces,” says industry expert Paul Caller from Autoglym, the maker of premium car care products and a sponsor of Be Car Care Aware.  “A thorough wash, followed by the application of a quality polish or wax, is highly advisable given the unusually high volume of salt now lingering on roads.”

Car Care Canada recommends washing your vehicle with a formulated car wash to gently remove salt and grime and then applying polish or wax to ensure your vehicle has long-lasting protection from the elements. 

During the winter months, road-spray can quickly build up on headlights and windows. Make sure to clean your vehicle’s exterior glass to help maintain good visibility.

Here are some other tips:

  • Dislodge mud and salt that can collect under wheel arches.
  • Protect your car by using a premium-grade polish or wax.
  • Clean your car periodically during the winter months to prevent a build-up of dirt.
  • Carry a full strength de-icer to clear ice from windscreen, mirrors, wipers and locks.
  • Increase the concentration of your car’s washer fluid to prevent the solution from freezing as temperatures drop.
  • Don’t use liquid soap or household detergents to wash your car, as it can remove protective coatings.
  • Don’t use boiling water to clear ice from your windscreen as it can crack the glass.
  • Don’t drive until your front and rear screen and side windows are clear of ice – it is illegal to drive with poor visibility.

    To learn more, visit the Be Car Care Aware website.

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