Nano-paint technology repels daily dirt and dust on Versa Note

Some of us car enthusiast folk truly enjoy cleaning our cars and being proud of our automotive possessions. However, for those of us who daily drive our four-wheeled extensions of personal individuality, washing a car everyday is a costly endeavour, not to mention extremely irritating.

Nissan engineers in Europe hope to solve the dirty car problem with a new “nano-paint technology” that repels dirt and mud with ease, leaving owners with the simple task of giving our cars a simple spray down.

The coating, called Ultra-Ever Dry, is hydro and oleophobic, meaning it repels both water and oils. The testbed, a Nissan Versa Note, is shown in the video above with half its body treated with the coating. Nissan is the first automaker to test the substance on automotive bodywork.

While not perfect (there are some spots behind the wheels and other areas), the coating seems to work as you’d expect, with liquified debris rolling off the painted surfaces with ease.

Nissan states they aren’t considering applying the coating from the factory. However, they are exploring its use as an aftermarket (read: dealer up-sell) option for future vehicles.

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